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I'm a dude born in Denver, CO. I've lived all around the U.S.A. Music is life. I love making and listening to music at the best possible quality.

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Oklahoma City, OK

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I'm a bit perturbed, currently. The trolls here on Newgrounds only seem to be getting worse as time goes by. I've only ever been polite and tried to be helpful. I don't ever tell someone that somethings sucks, or that they suck, or any of the like. I try to give constructive criticism where I feel I can, and simply appreciate where I don't possess the ability to help out.

Yet, between last night and right now (5:57 local time,) someone decided to go through and 0-bomb all of my audio submissions. Didn't leave any comments, didn't even listen through the whole songs (my listen-counter didn't go up,) just dropped some zeroes on all my tracks. It's rather aggravating. I'm not even really trying to get mainstream fame, I just want people to listen to and enjoy my music. If I end up famous at some point in time, that'll be great. But that's not my aim. Hell, even if I do end up becoming famous, I'm going to release all of my music through torrents, as well as Newgrounds, Soundcloud, and profit-making sources.

There's no reason to give someone a zero on their work without at least commenting and explaining yourself. Hell, drop a PM if you don't feel comfortable throwing your opinion into the public. We won't hate you, we won't rage on you, we'll accept it. People have differing opinions, we understand that. It's really rather immature and rude to zero out everything by an artist without, you know, actually listening/seeing/watching/playing whatever it is that you're giving the proverbial death-penalty. It's also pretty inconsiderate to rate something a zero without giving some kind of recompense in the form of why it was done.

Getting off my soapbox now.

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